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Home Project: Beat the heat with an Aqua Table: 

The ultimate summer accessory for kids

An Aqua Table is a simple yet ingenious creation that can provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment for children during the hot summer months. The custom-designed table features a 1cm border edge that keeps the water on the table, allowing children to play with toys in the water while staying safe and cool.

The concept of playing with water is universally loved by children, and a wet table takes this experience to the next level. With an Aqua Table, children can splash, pour, and explore with various water toys, learning about water flow and cause and effect while having fun. They can play with boats, rubber ducks, cups, and more, creating their own games and stories as they go. 

One of the most significant advantages of an Aqua Table is that it keeps children cool during the hot summer months. As the water in the table splashes and evaporates, it provides a cooling effect, making it an excellent way for kids to beat the heat. Furthermore, unlike a traditional pool or water play area, an Aqua Table is safe and easy to manage. Parents can set it up in the backyard or on the patio, and they don’t have to worry about their child being unsupervised near a body of water.

An Aqua table can also provide a sensory experience for children. The sound of water, the feel of it on their skin, and the different textures of the toys can help stimulate their senses and develop their fine motor skills. Playing with water can also be therapeutic, providing a calming and soothing effect for children who may be anxious or overstimulated.

In addition to being a fun and educational tool for children, an Aqua Table can also be an excellent social activity. Kids can invite their friends over to play, encouraging teamwork, communication, and socialisation. They can also learn about sharing and taking turns, as they may need to share toys or take turns playing with different parts of the table.

In conclusion, an Aqua Table can bring a lot of enjoyment to children playing. It’s a safe, fun, and educational way for kids to play with water and stay cool during the hot summer months. It can also provide a sensory experience, be therapeutic, and encourage socialisation. Parents looking for an innovative and practical way to keep their children entertained during the summer should consider investing in an Aqua Table. If you need help with your children’s play area, call John or leave a message and he will call back.

small boy playing with a car on a wet table


Create a Low height table (approx 50 – 60cm) for young children to stand up to play. Seal the timber surface to make in water proof, include a 1cm border / lip to hold the water on the table. Put it on a non slip surface and add water, children and toys. regularly update the water and let them play.